Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get your Christmas list ready if you haven’t already. If you’re like most people, then a new phone is up there at the top of your list! It’s time to sell your old phone and upgrade to one of the great new smartphones that have been released this year, but which one?

The top 2 smartphones on the market are the iPhone 6s and the Galaxy S6. Don’t let the similar names confuse you, (6s and S6? Come on, get a little creative now.) these smartphones have a lot of differences! While each brand has its own hardcore fan-base, if you’re on the edge is here to help. Take a look at some of the differences between the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6 to help you decide which phone is going to make your 2015 Christmas list:

Phone Appearance

Samsung has upped their game when it comes to the appearance of the S6, while Apple’s 6s pretty much looks the same as the old iPhone 6, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The iPhone is slim, sleek, and durable with its aluminum body and 4 gorgeous color options. 

On the other hand, the Galaxy S6’s new look will definitely turn some heads. Samsung has dropped the cheap plastic of the old phones in favor of aluminum and glass. Yes, glass, which we’re a bit skeptical of—I mean how many times have you dropped your phone? Yikes! The back of the Galaxy 6S is now made of glass, which looks classy along with the aluminum trim, but doesn’t sound all too tough and can easily show smudges. The S6 also offers the Edge version of the phone, which looks even better, but is it worth it? Check out previous blog reviewing the S6 and S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Photo Credit: Karlis Dambrans

We’re going to call it a tie when it comes to appearance; it’s really all up to personal preference… and how safe you feel with a glass phone.

Screen Size

Unless you upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus, the Galaxy S6 is the clear winner when it comes to screen size, flaunting a 5.1 inch display. Although the iPhone 6s still has an easy to read screen size of 4.7 inches, its just not quite there.

A smaller screen size isn’t always a bad thing though… when you’re trying to use your phone one-handed the smaller screen actually can come in handy. Think about how you normally hold your phone before kicking the iPhone 6s out of the race!


The winner in this category depends on what you’re looking for. Want maximum clarity? Go for the Galaxy S6. Looking for awesome functionality? The iPhone 6s is for you.

The S6 has an ultra-crisp screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (577 ppi), while the 6s comes in with a 750 x 1334 pixel resolution (326 ppi). Although you won’t notice any pixelization or blurriness from a regular viewing distance on the iPhone, there’s really no competition here. Winner: Galaxy S6.

On the other hand, iPhone 6s has 3D Touch technology on its side. The phone still functions as a normal phone would when you interact with it, but if you press just a little harder, something magical happens. Take the camera app for example: press and hold on the app icon and you can easily access things like the front facing camera and video, meaning snapping that photo or capturing video more quickly. Learn more about what you 3D touch can do over on MacRumors where they uploaded a fantastic 3D Touch guide.

Apple iPhone 6s Photo Credit: Karlis Dambrans

As you can see, both the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6 have their strong points, it’s really all up to personal preference. Here’s something else to keep in mind when choosing a new smartphone: resell value.

If you choose to sell your used phone once you get a new one, it’s smart to note that iPhones hold their value better than any other phone on the market. Most phones lose 4-5% of their value each month, while Apple products are nearly half that at 2-3%. When you’re ready to sell your old phone, no mater which brand, it’s smart to shop around and compare offers. Check out the prices is currently offering for your old Apple and Samsung phone.

We hope you get that new phone that you’re wishing for this holiday season!