Law Enforcement Compliance

ItsWorthMore prides itself on performing detailed due diligence to confirm the seller is the rightful owner of any item we buy. We use the latest technology in an attempt to identify and stop the sale of any lost or stolen device. A significant portion of reducing the theft of electronic devices is centered on providing consumers with the information needed to stop the theft. We suggest each customer immediately register the customer's electronic devices with their mobile device carrier and local law enforcement. We also suggest our customers study the various solutions on the market to assist in tracking electronic devices and remotely delete data. Additionally, we recommend taking a proactive approach toward protecting your electronic devices and catalog personal electronic databases using sites such as Immobilize ( It is also beneficial to use available backup solutions so that data recovery is simpler, faster and easier.

Upon receipt of a device, ItsWorthMore performs a thorough inspection of each item we receive from our prospective customers. We record the item's electronic serial number (ESN). We then run the device through CheckMEND which is an industry-leading device status tool. CheckMEND searches information from carriers, law enforcement and insurance companies to identify whether a mobile device, tablet or computer has been reported as lost or stolen. Only after the electronic device is found NOT to be lost or stolen, does ItsWorthMore inspect the device for possible purchase and pay our customers.

ItsWorthMore constantly evaluates and updates its policies and procedures to help protect consumers. Currently, a very small percentage of electronic devices we receive are found to be lost or stolen. ItsWorthMore's use of CheckMEND and our cooperation with law enforcement act as an ongoing deterrent to those people attempting to sell ItsWorthMore lost or stolen electronic devices. When we encounter devices that have been lost or stolen, we contact and cooperate with law enforcement in any subsequent investigation.

In the event your mobile device or tablet has been lost or stolen, you should immediately contact your carrier. We also recommend that consumers contact law enforcement and file a police report when electronic devices have been lost or stolen. For iPhone owners, be sure to enable “Find my iPhone” as it enables customers to not only track the device if it has been misplaced, lost or stolen but to remotely delete data from that device. For Apple customers, using iCloud may allow a remote data wipe of those devices. Additionally, some versions of Apple's iOS permits the user to remotely block their device if lost or stolen.

Rest assured that ItsWorthMore is always working to protect the general public from the loss of theft of any electronic devices.

Last Updated: March 19th, 2020