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If you have something we do not currently buy and is worth around $200 or more, simply fill out our form and we'll provide you with a custom quote within 48 hours!

How It Works

1. Fill Out the Form

Item(s) must be worth around $200 or more. Please give as much detail as possible.


2. Get a Custom Offer

If we can purchase your item(s), we'll send you an email with a custom offer within 48 hours.


3. Get Cash Fast

Accept your custom offer, ship your item(s) and get cash fast through

What We Do Buy

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Speakers, Headphones, Smartwatches, Drones, Digital Cameras, PC Components, Select Network Equipment or Monitors.

What We Don't Buy

Household Appliances, Printers, TVs, Video Players, Audio Equipment, Radio Equipment or Routers.
Item(s) must be worth around $200 or more and cannot contain hazardous materials. If it's a monitor, it must be RoHS compliant.

Custom Quote Form

Get a personalized quote by filling out our form or simply uploading a spec sheet.
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