Our team at ItsWorthMore.com strives to make sure you get your money very soon after receiving your device(s). Wondering what you should do with your hard earned cash? We went to one of our "expert" bargain hunters to help you make the most of your IWM bucks. Below is what she had to say....

1) Fatwallet.com: Who doesn't want a "fat wallet"? I would consider FatWallet.com to be the "holy grail" of deals posted by people everywhere. My favorite feature of this website is the Cash Back feature. Get anywhere from 0-40% cash back on some of the web's most popular brands simply by visiting the merchants through FatWallet.com.  If you need to buy big ticket items such as a TV, or a computer, the money you get back will definitely add to the width of your wallet. When my twins started college and my youngest started high school, I had to purchase three laptops all at once. This cash back option (about 4% for Microsoft Store) made feel much better about the purchase.

2) Techbargains.com: Includes various different websites and stores that have great deals including deals on laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. If you're looking to make an extra buck here's a suggestion: Find some deals on here and then sell the items on eBay or Craigslist or something of that nature.

3) SlickDeals.net: Daily deals on an array of items. This website also includes forums that you can search to find out the best places to purchase what you are looking for. If you find a great deal and feel like telling the world, you can also go ahead and post on one of these forums.

4) Ideeli.com: I personally love to shop, and this is a great place to do so. Ideeli has specials sales for a set amount of time. These sales are categorized by brands, or types of items such as shoes or sunglasses. If you like something I suggest you save it to your bag and checkout quickly because items are limited and if you come back in a couple of hours, you may not find what you wanted to purchase remaining in your size.

5) Gilt.com: This website has the same concept as Ideeli.com. One thing I have experienced with this website though, is that shipping does take some time. So if you're planning on using this site for your holiday shopping make sure it's not last minute.

6) Groupon.com: The infamous Groupon. I am sure you have heard of this site -- but honestly its a great place to get deals whether it be for your next date, a getaway, or finding a spa for you to relax without feeling guilty in regards to how much money you have just spent. Maybe you want to take a class or get a laser hair removal treatment and are not sure spending the money is worth it -- Groupon is the best place to purchase the first few classes or sessions and see whether it is for you.

Other notable mentions - MyHabit.com, Woot.com, LivingSocial.com

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Last Updated - October 2015