The iPad Air 2 and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro have so much in common—they’re exactly the same size, they both weigh the same, each have a 10 hour battery life… yet one starts at $399, while the other is a whopping $599! So why would anyone spend $200 more? The little details can make a big difference!


Stunning Camera

While taking photos with tablets can look slightly ridiculous, the camera on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro might change your mind! With a 12-megapixel back camera and 5-megapixel front facing camera (hello perfect selfies) it’s a huge step up from the iPad Air 2’s 8-megapixel and 1.2-megapixel cameras!

When it comes to video, the iPad Pro can capture beautiful 4k shots, while the Air 2 is still at 1080p.

More Storage

If you’re going to be taking lots of pictures a video with your iPad, or you just like to download your favorite shows to watch on-the-go, the iPad Pro’s storage is for you!

The iPad Pro comes with 3 storage options: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The iPad Air 2, on the other hand, only comes with 2 options: 16GB and 64GB.



Apple Pencil

While you can use any old stylist on the iPad Air 2, just like any other Apple device, the iPad Pro supports Apple Pencil. You can write out notes, draw, color, just as you would with a normal paper and pencil, but without killing any trees!

The biggest advantage of the Apple Pencil over a stylist when come to functionality is that the iPad Pro can pick up on the Apple Pencil’s pressure and tilt—just like a real pencil.

Check out how the Apple Pencil works and be amazed.




The Smart Connector

 Goodbye bluetooth syncing, hello Smart Connector… well not really ‘goodbye,’ it still works,  but Apple’s Smart Connector is so much easier!

If you’re planning on using a keyboard with your iPad, like so many of us do, it’s easier than ever with the iPad Pro! No wires, no bluetooth pairing, simply snap in the iPad to the keyboard and you’re good to go. As of right now, the Smart Keyboard is the only accessory that is compatible with the Smart Connector, but knowing Apple there’s sure to be more to come!

Amazing Sound

All Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, only come with 2 speakers at the bottom, we all know that… right? Wrong! The iPad Pro has 4 speakers—1 at each corner. But that’s not the only change Apple made to improve sound quality, to make it even better the speakers automatically adjust the sound as you rotate the iPad to ensure it always sounds its best!

There are plenty of other great reasons that the iPad Pro is worth the $200 upgrade, like faster speeds, better display, and new True Tone Display. Have a look for yourself and see!

Already decided which iPad you’re going with? Now it’s time to figure out whether you should add AppleCare+ to your purchase and sell your iPad.