Has your iPhone been running a little bit slow? It’s normal for any phone to start to feel laggy and slow after a while. Try these 2 quick and easy hacks for a faster iPhone right now:

Clear the RAM

Do the animations on your iPhone seem slower than normal? Does it feel like it’s taking forever to switch between apps? Try clearing your iPhone’s RAM, here’s how: 

1.     Unlock your iPhone

2.     Hold down the lock button until you’re prompted to “slide to power off”

3.     While on the power off screen, hold the home button for approximately 5 seconds

4.     Release your finger once phone is back the app screen

And you’re done; the RAM has been cleared from your phone and should start running faster instantly!

Clear the Cache

You’re most likely aware of how to clear the cache in Safari (Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data), but did you know you can do the same thing for many of the pre-installed apps? 

Try this quick trick with many of the Apple apps including: App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks, and Apple Watch.

1.     Open any of these pre-installed Apple apps

2.     Tap any one of the buttons along the bottom 10x in a row (e.g. Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search or Updates in the App Store)

3.     The app should go blank for a second and refresh as the cache is cleared

4.     Repeat this for each app you’d like to clear

Still having trouble with your smartphone going slow?

It might just be time for a new phone. As new updates are released it older phones just may not be able to handle the system requirements of the iOS software and new apps. 

Sell your iPhone to make some cash for a new one, and consider purchasing a used iPhone to save money! Not ready to buy a new phone? As tempting as it may be, don’t update anything as this will only make your iPhone run slower.