As the temperatures are rising we all start getting excited for the beach trips, vacations, and outdoor adventures that are to come, but spring and summer months can be dangerous for one of our favorite travel companions: our phones.

More phones are damaged during the summer than any other time of the year. Why? It’s likely because summer activities, like going to the beach or tubing, are more dangerous to our phones than winter activities… Who has ever broken their phone snuggling under a blanket? Didn’t think so.

Don’t let your smartphone become a victim of summer fun! Follow these tips to keep your smartphone safe throughout the spring and summer seasons:

1. Keep it out of the sun

Smartphones can easily overheat if left out in the hot sun for too long. Try keeping it in the shade or, even better, at home when you’re going to be out in the sun for a long period of time.

2. Don’t leave it in the car

Don’t plan on keeping your phone safe by leaving it in the car! We’ve all experienced just how hot the inside of a car can get after it’s been sitting out in the sun—definitely hotter than 113ºF which is the maximum temperature iPhones can withstand.

3. Protect it from sand

When you’re at the beach sand can get everywhere, which is why you need to prevent it from getting in your phone! Here are some options:

●     Zip it into a plastic snack bag

●     Wrap it in cling wrap

●     Put bit of tape over the ports

●     Buy dust plugs (iPhone, Galaxy)

●     Put it in a protective case

4. Turn the sun into your friend

The hot sun can make smartphones slow and cause the battery to die quickly. If you have a dead smartphone halfway through your beach day, take advantage of that sun with a solar power phone charger!

5. Stay away from water

This should be an obvious, but keep your phone away from water… even if you have a waterproof phone case, they’re not always 100% effective! If water does gets into your phone it can cause serious damage, even if it escapes without noticeable harm it can still decrease the resale value of your phone in the future.