Aside from maybe the first day that the Tips app appeared on your iPhone, when have you ever used it? Probably never. Don’t even get me started on Stocks, that one has never been opened! So why do these apps have to sit on our iPhones cluttering them up?! Well, they don’t.

There is a way to remove the default Apple apps from your iPhone! Although this trick won't clear up any space in your phone, it's great for keeping your apps organized and your

iPhone’s home screen clutter-free. Let’s learn how…

Hide Apple Apps from the iPhone:

1) Drag 2 apps together to create a folder.

2) Hold and drag the app you'd like to delete to the 2nd page and release your finger.

3) Take that same app again and move it to the 3rd page, but don't release it, instead, drag the app to the far right and then back to the center of the folder. With your finger still holding the app, simultaneously press the home button.

4) Watch the app fly off your screen! If done correctly, the app should fly to the top left corner of the screen and disappear.

5) Repeat with all unwanted apps!


Now your shiny new iPhone 6s Plus won’t be cluttered up before you even get the chance download your favorite apps!

This iPhone hack isn’t something that’s approved by Apple, but there haven’t been any reported problems with hiding the default Apple apps this way. And it will only do just that, hide the apps, they’re not completely removed and will re-appear when the iPhone is restarted, so you’ll have no problem trying to sell your iPhone in the future since a quick restart will bring them right back!

When iOS 9.3 is released to the public there will be an easier and more permanent way to hide the default apps, but for now, this is the best we can do!