Does your iPhone just barely make it to the end of the day—or worse, do you ever have to charge your phone mid-day? If your iPhone just won’t hold a charge like it used it, here are a few things you can do to help get you to the end of the day without affecting how you use your phone. These are ItsWorthMore’s favorite everyday tips for a better iPhone battery life!

Stop it with the Fancy Background

Don’t choose a dynamic wallpaper, opt for a still one and save battery. There are plenty of great free wallpapers, you just have to look, try Pinterest for some neat ones!

While we’re on the topic of backgrounds, background motion looks awesome, but can be a battery drainer, so let’s stop that too.

Find it: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

Fetch, Don’t Push

Unless you’re receiving important emails throughout the day that need your attention right away, don’t use push for email. When push is turned on, your iPhone will constantly check the servers for new messages—using up your precious battery. Instead, have your phone fetch emails every 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or manually fetch emails when you open the Mail app.

Find it: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data

Keep your Apps Open

This is a mistake we’ve all made here at ItsWorthMore—don’t close out your apps when you’re not using them! It takes more battery to open an app than to leave it open in the background. Think about it like a car… you don’t turn the car off every time you’re at a stoplight, that would only waste more gas when you turn it back on!

Stop App Refresh

What is app refresh? App refresh will update information in an app in the background so that when you open the app the newest information is already loaded. Although this is convenient, it can waste battery on your iPhone. Turn this option off and your apps will only refresh when you actually need them to.

Find it: Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Don’t Take Apple’s Suggestions

One of the newer features that Apple has added, app suggestions, uses your location and habits to suggest apps, which can use up battery. And really, how hard is it to open the app on your own? How many of your have actually used this feature? I know I haven’t!

Find it: Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps

Stop Counting Steps

If you’re trying to get in shape and are actually using the information your iPhone tracks for you, such as steps and stairs climbed, then motion tracking is wonderful, if not, it’s a waste of battery!

Find it: Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness

These tips can help to a point, but each phone comes to a stage in life when it just won’t last all day—that’s when you know it’s time to sell your old phone and upgrade!

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