iPhone Tips You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

We know Android users like to boast about how cool their phones are, but iPhone has some pretty handy features and tricks too! Before you sell your iPhone to join #TeamAndroid, ItsWorthMore has a few awesome iPhone tips for you to try out.

Video or Pic? How About Both?

Can’t decide whether a moment will look more kickass in a video or picture? Don’t choose between the two, do both at the same time!

While recording a video a white circular button will appear in the corner of the screen near the record button, tap this circle to capture a photo while still recording all the action!

Never Get Caught Snooping Around

There’s a quicker way to turn off your flashlight when you’re in a hurry (yes, even quicker than the Control Center shortcut).

When using your flashlight with your iPhone locked, swipe up from the bottom right corner to open the camera app. This action will shut off your flashlight immediately. 

You Betta’ Recognize

Do you ever have trouble getting Touch ID to recognize you? If your iPhone won’t unlock using your fingerprint, try this:

Enroll the same finger multiple times on your iPhone. By adding the same fingerprint 2-3 times you’re giving your phone more information to reference and it will recognize your fingerprint even quicker.

Flip It!

Want to take a panorama starting from the other direction? Tap the arrow that shows up on the screen and it will flip and let your star your panorama from the other side! 

What Mistake?

It can be infuriating when you’re adding up a bunch of numbers and make one teeny tiny mistake and have to start all over because there’s no backspace or delete button on the iPhone calculator app. Did you know that there a way to backspace without a button? Here’s how:

In the calculator app on the iPhone swipe either left or right over the numbers you’ve typed out and it will remove the most recently entered number. 

Get Your Point Across Clearly

To get your meaning across sometimes you just need to add formatting to your text, and you can… in some apps.

In certain applications, like Mail, you can bold, italicize, and underline text. All you have to do is select the word or words you’d like formatted, when the bubble appears, tap the arrow to the right until you see BIU

Dance to the Beat of Your Own… Vibration?

Easily figure out who’s calling or texting you by setting custom vibrations for your contacts. No more sitting in class or school wondering who vibrated your phone when you can’t look at it!

In your contacts find the person you’d like to set a custom vibration for and click Edit, scroll down the contact card and you’ll see Vibration (there’s one for both ringing and texting), click to change, then select Create Custom Vibration

To create your custom iPhone vibration, simply tap a beat on the screen and press Stop on the lower right corner to end the recording, then save at the top right to name and set the new vibration!

Charge It… QUICK!

Need to quickly charge up your iPhone? Turn on airplane mode while your phone is plugged in and your phone will be charged in no time!

If you’re having problems with your iPhone battery holding a charge, try these tips to keep your phone alive longer.

Take the Perfect #Selfie With Your Headphones

Who hasn’t taken a selfie?! The trick to the perfect selfie lies in your headphones.

While taking a selfie use the volume buttons on your headphones to snap the pic—this allow you to hold the camera perfectly still and prevent blurry pictures! Genius, right?!

So, what do you think? Did you know about any of these iPhone tricks? If you’re still not impressed, you can always sell your phone for cash to ItsWorthMore and get cash to buy whatever phone your heart desires!