Your phone is a couple of years old, and you’re ready for a new one. What do you do with your old phone? 

Many people just give their phones back to their service providers as trade-ins to get new phones. This works well, but you may be able to get better value by selling your old phone.

Maybe you’re interested in selling your old phone because it has been sitting around, taking up space, and you want some extra cash. You might want money to put toward a different, fun device, like a laptop or tablet. There are many reasons to sell your phone instead of turning it in for a new model, but what is the best way to sell your phone?

Several online companies specialize in helping you sell your phone for the most money possible. There are some subtle differences between these sites, which we’ve outlined below. 

The Top 4 Websites That Will Buy Your Used Phone

Stop wasting time trying to figure out eBay or similar transactional sites. You can spend too much time talking to buyers who will not actually buy or sending more and more photos to people who then never pay you.

Fortunately, there are several companies that understand you want control over your money. They can help you get rid of your old phone. Here are the top four options: 

  • Swappa: Like eBay, Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace, meaning there is no middleman to pay you a low price on your old phone, who then turn around and sell it for hundreds of dollars more.

    You start by using the Swappa listings to find the model phone you have. Then, you create a listing for the phone by providing some photos and a brief description of the item. Best of all, you get to set your own price.

    You have the opportunity to talk directly to your phone’s buyer too, thanks to Swappa’s built-in messaging system. After someone buys your phone, Swappa uses PayPal to securely transfer the money to your account.

    You can sell a Galaxy S10 for as much as $640 and an iPhone X for $515. Unlike eBay, Swappa provides more oversight on the quality of their products. While eBay requires sellers to accurately list the condition of anything they sell and include pictures, Swappa does the work ahead of time, so buyers will not receive broken items.

    Although you have control over the price of your item, you are responsible for shipping the phone to the purchaser yourself. This means you must consider packaging, so the device does not break in transit.

    You are also responsible for making the device ready for a new user. You have to delete all your personal information from the phone and factory reset it.

  • Gazelle: While some companies have direct contact between seller and buyer, Gazelle steps in to facilitate the transaction.

    You tell them about your device, what condition it is in, and they estimate the phone’s value. Then, you will receive a box so you can ship your phone to Gazelle for free, without worrying if the device will be damaged in transit.

    Gazelle even removes all your personal information from your phone. Even if you have tried to wipe the device, experts at Gazelle make sure there’s no remaining data to trace back to you.

    The company has kiosks in many major cities. This means you do not even need to ship your device to them. You can simply go to a kiosk, get an estimate on the worth of your phone, and send it on its way, with cash in hand.

    If you have an iPhone XS Max, you could get up to $719 for it. A Galaxy S8, which is a few years old, could net you as much as $349.

    Gazelle manages selling the device for you, but you will be paid before they send your phone off to a new owner. If, for any reason, Gazelle cannot find a new owner for your phone, the company pledges to send the device to a recycling center rather than just throwing it away. This reduces how many harmful chemicals enter the environment.

  • Decluttr: Unlike the prior companies, Decluttr doesn’t just take your phone, tablet, or computer; they also take game systems, DVDs, CDs, and other electronic-like items.

    Start by searching their website for your tech model, key in relevant barcodes to ensure they price you for the right item (or you can download their free app and scan barcodes), and then pack everything in a box. Decluttr does not care what type of box you use, as long as everything is packed together so it will not be damaged. Attach the label Decluttr sends to you for free, so you have free shipping, and drop your box either with UPS or another authorized retail outlet.

    Once Decluttr reviews your items to ensure everything is fine — which happens about a day after they receive your package — they will send you cash however you want to receive it. You can choose from bank direct deposit, PayPal transfer, check, or even have the money donated to charity on your behalf. 

  • started with the goal of offering simple alternatives to people who wanted to upgrade their phones, get rid of old phones, or find a model phone that they love without paying a ton of money. Creating a system where everyone sells their old phones and upgrades to a new-to-them phone reduces how much electronic waste is created. And it means that people who want a better value for their old phone can get more from selling it. wants both buyers and sellers to be satisfied. As a result, they can give you a high value when you sell your old phone. You send your phone in for an inspection, which ensures the phone is in good, working order. Experts will then quote you the best price for it.

    For example, a Samsung Galaxy S10e in good condition can sell for as much as $470. A Google Pixel 3, which is an older phone, can go for up to $410. An iPhone XS can sell for as much as $723.

    Start by choosing which type of phone you’re selling. Then, click which carrier your service is with. Finally, tell the company’s technology-loving staff what condition the phone is in. The site will then automatically generate the value of your phone, based on your information, and tell you how to send the phone in. offers free shipping and safe, secure payment through its own company rather than a third party like PayPal. As a company of entrepreneurs, knows that you want the most out of your sale.

    Once your phone has been verified to work well, it’s sold to an interested buyer. If it doesn’t sell, usable parts are salvaged to be used in other phones. The rest is recycled.

The Best Places That Buy Used Phones With No Hassle

There’s no reason to hope for the best trade-in deal or waste time with marketplaces that require you to do all the work. The four sites above help you sell your phone for an amount of money you deserve.

They help you get rid of your phone fast, either by paying you and selling your device later or by helping you sell your device quickly in a marketplace you control. With so many options, you can get paid for your old phone in the blink of an eye.