If you’re one of the 5.5 million people that bought or received an Apple Watch over the holiday season. You’ve probably watched Apple’s guided tours while setting up your new tech toy, but there are a few things that you still might not know, which is why ItsWorthMore.com is here to help you learn about all the cool Apple Watch features that the company didn’t show you!


Travel Through Time

You may have accidently twisted the Digital Crown while on the watch face, doing this brings up Time Travel—if you’re like me you probably thought oh crap, I don’t want to change the time, stop! This doesn’t actually change the time on the Apple Watch, what this cool Apple Watch feature does is allows you to scroll forward or backward in time to see what your day will be like!

Have the Calendar complication on your watch face? You can see which events you have scheduled. Have the temperature showing? Time Travel to see how hot or cold it’s going to be for your night out later! Pretty convenient, right?


Take and Share Screenshots

Just like on the iPhone, you can take a screen screenshots on the Apple Watch. Simply press the Digital Crown and side button simultaneously, exactly like you would on your phone with the home and lock buttons. The capture will show up in the Photos app for you to see and share!


Hop Between Two Apps

Want to quickly switch back and forth between two apps on your Apple Watch? There an easier way than opening and closing each app to switch between them. Double click the Digital Crown and your watch will hop between the two most recently used apps. Such a time saver!


Transfer A Call to Your Phone

If you see you’re getting an incoming call, but would prefer to answer the call on your iPhone, you can scroll down on the Digital Crown and choose to answer the call on your phone instead. What happens then? The caller is put on hold until you’re able to dig your iPhone out of your purse, or find it underneath all the clutter in that messy room if yours (you should probably do something about that, btw).

On the other hand, if you’ve already answered a call on your watch and would like to switch to your phone, simply pick unlock your iPhone and tap the green bar at the top to transfer the call from your Apple Watch to iPhone!

When you scroll the Digital Crown to answer the call on your phone, you may also notice the option to send a text message. This will open up your Messages app and allow you to send a quick text response to the person calling.


Edit Quick Responses

Speaking of quick responses… If you feel like your Apple Watch’s quick response options just don’t mesh with how you actually text, you can always edit them.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to Messages, then click Default Replies to edit or add new response options that are uniquely you—because sometimes you just need to quickly say “Sup bae?” and Apple Watch just doesn’t get that.


Add Digital Time to Analog Watch

Love the look of the analog watch, but never mastered reading the time on it?... Don’t be ashamed, it takes me a while too. Many of the watch faces will allow you to add watch face compilations (which actually aren’t that complicated as the name suggests), choose to add the World Clock complication and it will add a small digital readout to the watch face.

You can even change or remove the city abbreviations for a cleaner look, just head to the Watch app on your iPhone, click on Clock, then City Abbreviations and add a single space remove the name.


Clear All Notifications at Once

If you’ve watched the Apple Watch tours you’ve learned about Force Touch. Force Touch is very similar to the iPhone 6s 3D Touch—it allows you to access additional features by pressing more forcefully on the screen. While there are multiple uses for this in each app, e.g., changing your Move goal in the Activity app, or creating a new message in the Message app, we think the most convenient is being able to clear all your notifications at once!

Swipe down on the watch face to get to your notifications and give a hard press on the screen to bring up the option to clear all your notifications. Voilá! They’re all gone!

Now that you’ve mastered all the cool features of the Apple Watch, what do you think? Love it? How could you not?! But, if you don’t… you can always sell your Apple Watch for cash to ItsWorthMore.com and buy something you do love!