Just as you should erase everything off of your iPhone and sign out of iCloud before you resell it, there are steps you should take before you sell your Mac.  You wouldn’t want someone getting into any personal information left on your computer, so follow these steps to make sure it’s done right and everything is cleared off of your computer for the next owner.

 1. Backup Your Mac

If you want to keep anything that’s on your Macbook you’ll have to back it up first to an external hard drive. You can back your computer up using either Time Machine or your prefered backup method. You also have the option of using iCloud to backup things like photos and music.

2. Sign Out of Everything

Make sure you sign out of these three things before selling your Macbook:

●      iTunes: In iTunes go to Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer

●      iCloud: In System Preferences select iCloud, uncheck Find My Mac and then click Sign Out on the same page

●      iMessage: Open up the Messages app and select Messages on the top bar and then to go Preferences > Accounts and sign out of your iMessage account

3. Erase and Reinstall

After you’ve completed the above steps you’ll want to completely erase your Macbook and reinstall OS X. Follow Apple’s handy guide to complete this: How to Reinstall OS X

Once you’ve completed this, instead of following the prompts on the welcome screen press Command+Q to shut it down. Now when the next owner starts up the computer they’ll go through the welcome process just as they would if it were a new computer.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Price

The most crucial step of course, is making sure you’re getting the best price when you sell your Mac. Shop around, check out prices, it might be worth more than you think!