There are over 100 million iPhone users in the US alone, but with less than 10% of the desktop/laptop market share going to OS X, there are a lot of you out there that haven’t experienced the joy of using an phone and computer that are so wonderfully compatible!

If you own an iPhone, but don’t have an Apple computer, it might be time to sell your old laptop or desktop and invest in a Mac! Why? Here are just a few examples of how convenient your life could be: 

  • Take or Make Phone Calls from Either Device: You can answer or make phone calls directly from your computer.
  • Text from Your Computer or Phone: Don’t feel like typing out a message on your iPhone? Send it from your computer instead using the Messages application. Messages sent from your MacBook or iMac will sync up with your iPhone instantly, so if you send a text message at home and then head out you can still continue the conversation!
  • Unlock Your Mac With Your iPhone: Okay, so this one maybe isn’t the most useful, but it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. You can use your iPhone’s Touch ID to log into your Mac—no more typing in passwords! 
  • Share Files Instantly: Want to get something from your iPhone to your computer? Simply turn on AirDrop on your iPhone, navigate to Finder on your Mac, and share anything your heart desires!
  • Handoff Certain Tasks: You can pick up where you left off with the Handoff feature on your iPhone, Mac, iPad and even Apple Watch. Take a look at how it’s done here.
  • Sync Your Photos: Use iCloud and Photostream to instantly sync up photos that you take using your iPhone. 
  • Sync up Your Life: It’s not just photos that you can instantly sync between your phone and computer, it’s everything. Use iCloud to sync your calendar, notes, reminders, contacts, and more!

So what do you think? Pretty nice, right? But you may be think a MacBook or iMac is just our of your price range (they are pretty pricey, but oh so worth it), if you’re not ready to make that big of an investment, buy a used Mac!