We all know about the National Do Not Call Registry, but sometimes that just doesn’t work and it can just unbelievably frustrating getting the same automated phone call over, and over, and over again!! So how can you take action and stop annoying unwanted phone calls? Block them yourself on your smartphone!

Whether you’ve got salespeople and robo-calls pestering your cell phone at all hours of the day, or just don’t want to talk to that one annoying friend for a little while, you can easily block phone numbers on both the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones in just a few simples steps.  

Blocking Callers on Apple iPhone

From the Phone, or FaceTime app:

●      View the list of recent calls

●      Tap the info icon next to the caller

●      Scroll to the bottom of the contact card and select Block This Caller

From the Messages App:

●      Open the conversation

●      Open Details on the upper right

●      Select the info icon

●      Scroll to Block This Caller, just as you did in the Phone and FaceTime app 

Manual Entry and Unblocking:

●      Go to Setting and click on either Phone, Messages, or FaceTime

●      Select Blocked

Here you can choose Add new to manually enter a new number to block, or you can select a previously blocked number to unblock it. 

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Blocking Callers on Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy refers to number blocking as the Reject List, instead of blocking a number, you reject it.

Block Single Caller:

●      View the Call Log and select the number you’d like blocked

●      Select More then Add to auto reject list

Manual Entry and Unblocking:

●      From anywhere in the Phone app select More on the top right

●      Select Settings > Call rejection

From here you can manually block a phone number and remove numbers from your rejection list. 

Block Unknown Callers:

Something that Samsung’s got Apple totally beat on; the ability to block any number that comes up as “Unknown.” Brilliant, right?! Here’s how to do it:

●      Navigate to the Call rejection page (see above)

●      Select Auto reject list and toggle blocking “Unknown” callers on

A word of caution, some legitimate businesses operate from blocked numbers, so it is possible that you could miss an important call or two.

Now that you’re armed with the ability to block all those irritating calls that you just don’t want to deal with, you may go ahead living your peaceful life without hearing your phone ring a zillion time a day! Creating world peace one infuriating unwanted phone call at a time.

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