It’s all systems go and full speed ahead as Apple prepares for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. This celebratory occasion is sure to present the perfect opportunity for the company to reveal what will hopefully be it's latest game-changer: Augmented Reality (AR). This upgrade will be the first in a long time to have what is expected to be a completely new design, too—if one can believe all the rumors. Whether the phone will actually contain AR technology remains unclear, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has made mention of it in interviews and there are certainly whispers of a possible 2017 launch.

Why Android Users Would Sell Their Smartphone for an iPhone

With the release of Virtual Reality technology, it was only natural that Android users queued for days to get their hands on it. A pre-Christmas launch of the Samsung and Oculus Gear VR in 2015 saw many users switch sides to get their hands on a pair of VR glasses. These allow users to escape to a virtual reality and has several functions and applications. However, it requires users to isolate themselves from their surroundings.

According to Tim Cook, AR is currently a far more practical technology that VR, because it allows the user to remain in touch with their surroundings while accessing AR. This is similar to wearing a pair of special glasses that offers both clarity and information at the same time.

It’s Time To Make Way For New Technology

Whatever the case may be, Augmented Reality is on its way and it's sure to wind up in the iPhone. If you'd like to be there when it happens, it might be well worth your while to consider selling either your old iPhone or your Android smartphone so you can be one of the first to get your hands on the next best thing from Apple!

Image Source: Content Plus