So your iPhone is broken? Let’s say a quick little prayer for all of the iPhones living in iPhone heaven, and then move on… phones break all the time, relax! Whether you cracked your iPhone screen, dropped your phone in the toilet, or your old iPhone has just started running too slow to get any good use out of, you have options! It’s time to treat yourself to a new phone and figure out what to do with your broken iPhone.

Sell Your Broken iPhone for Cash

That’s right, even if your iPhone has a cracked screen or other damage, it’s still possible to sell an iPhone for parts. No, you’re not going to get the same amount as you’d get for a phone that’s in good or even fair condition, but you may be able to get something if your phone, and that’s better than nothing, right? See how much you could get when you sell your iPhone, and get a little extra cash to put towards your new phone.

Give Your iPhone to Your Child or Younger Sibling

If it’s still functioning, giving your broken iPhone to a child can be a wonderful way to put it to good use.

The iPhone doesn’t need to have service for a child to enjoy:

● Install a few educational games for kids on the iPhone to keep them entertained.
● Download an eBook if your child is learning to read. Search “children's books” in the app store and browse the free eBook apps!
● Teach them to use FaceTime and messages without service when connected to wifi so they can reach you when they’re at a friend’s house.

Use your iPhone as a GPS in Your Car

If your phone is still semi-functional, you can set it up to connect to a hotspot on your new phone and use it as a dedicated GPS when you’re out and about exploring new places.

Save Your Old iPhone for Outdoor Adventures

You might love outdoor adventures, but they don’t love your phone, instead of taking your brand new iPhone out kayaking or paddleboarding, swap out your SIM card and take your broken iPhone—you’ve got much less to lose if you drop an already-broken phone in the water!

These are all great uses for a broken iPhone, but trading in your iPhone for cash is, of course, our favorite option. It’s always nice to get a little extra cash in your pocket! Find out how much your iPhone might be worth.