As per usual, there is a whirlwind of talk in regards to what new things Apple will bring to the table at the WWDC conference. A few months ago when the iPhone 4S was announced, there was much disappointment from Apple fans wordwide causing the Apple stock to plumet for some time as well. This was near the time of Steve Job's death and some cannot help but wonder whether his lack of presense, during the introduction of this product, added to the disappointment. Perhaps, he would have been able to keep moral high amongst his followers? Some say that Jobs last project prior to his demise was not the iPhone 4S, but instead the iPhone 5. Perhaps the disappointments associated with the iPhone 4S was all a part of a bigger plan. Maybe Apple fans will not expect so much in this conference and then be blown away with a new model? The iPhone has monopolized so much of the cell phone market. When was the last time that so many people around you had the same phone? Apple did have a head start in the technology that is associated with the iPhone, but other smart phones such as the droids are also gaining popularity. Some of these companies solely work on creating better technologies for phones, where as Apple has his hands in all ponds.

In addition, the rumors associated with the new MacBook do excite fans. Not often do you hear about a person who has joined the Apple family and purchased a MacBook, regret it and come back to using a PC. Apple had started with the computer software and are pioneers in this field. How neat would it be to have a laptop with Retina display? It could be argued that PCs still control the larger percentage of the computer market. Consider this though: how many PC owners do you know considering joining the Apple family? 

None the less, how long is Apple going to be able to stay on top? Will this conference allow them to be a few leaps ahead of all the competition that is breathing down their necks? What is it going to take to satisfy their fans? Which rumors do you think they need to succum to in order to stay on top?

I think it is fair to say that Apple fans will remain Apple fans. Even with the disappointments associated with the iPhone 4S, this phone sold the most. Perhaps, this is because even though it was not an "iPhone 5, " it was still the best thing in the market. This brings me to my next point: No one can deny the hold that Apple has on ALL the markets it is in.  Being the first to present so many new types of products has allowed Apple to create a great self-image and competitors find them to be intimidating. Jobs' mantra of simplicity rings well with all Apple users. After all, who want to use a gadget that takes a few days just to figure out? Thus,right now, is the perfect time to sell your iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks, especially if you are a part of the Apple club. This way you will be ready to upgrade. These gadgets are worth more right now, prior to the new products coming out. Join the discussion about the rumors surrounding the WWDC conference and give your input as to which features you think will be included in the new Apple products.