The new Samsung Galaxy SIII is out already, across the Atlantic, in Europe. Presented at a big party in London, the Samsung team is very excited about the product and boasted about extremely high pre-order sales (in the millions). The phone has in fact created great hype and I wonder if the phone is really worth it? What are people saying about this new phone? Whenever I am trying to find out about a new gadget, I find it at times to be cumbersome to go from one review to the next. Hence, I decided to make your life easier and share some highlights that I have read about this device. 

The Design: "No matter what you may have read about this phone based on early impressions, the Galaxy S III is far better in reality than in photos. Its large display is so dominating and distracting, even when turned off, that you simply aren't aware of what the back is made of." "No matter what you may have read about this phone based on early impressions, the Galaxy S III is far better in reality than in photos. Its large display is so dominating and distracting, even when turned off, that you simply aren't aware of what the back is made of." "Due to a radical increase in screen size, the phone's overall dimensions are much bigger compared to its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely on the bulkier side, which makes it extremely difficult to operate if you have to use just one hand." "The phone is OK to look at, although it doesn't stand out when you put it next to its competition." "The Galaxy S III is a handsome device, that, more than any phone we’ve ever reviewed, is all about the screen. Even the physical home buttons seems to help to evoke attention to the display. Samsung managed to keep the bezel super thin. As with all Super AMOLED displays, it has a bluish tint to it both when it’s off and when it’s on." 

The Display: "...oodles of minutes and data, which is already much, much cheaper than any iPhone would ever launch for." "Compared to rest of the Galaxy line, the S3 has more in common with the original Galaxy S than the S2, with curved edges the theme in the design language. The home button has also been elongated, although the same menu and back buttons remain from the prequel." "theoretically you'll be able to have a 128GB-capacity Samsung Galaxy S3 if you combine the top spec of internal memory (64GB) with the largest microSD card around at the moment (64GB)... making it a mouth-watering prospect for those that love a spot of media." "In the Galaxy S III, what we have is an enormous 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, with resolution of 720x1280 pixels. As with every AMOLED screen, this one has extremely saturated colors. In some situations, like when browsing the web, for example, this doesn't look great, as we aren't really used to such “colorful web” experience. It doesn't seem natural, so to speak. However, in many other situations, like viewing photos, watching video or playing games, having such vibrant colors really pays off. Thankfully, Samsung has added an option in the settings which allows you to change the saturation level." "One of the more impressive features of the Galaxy S III is its Super AMOLED screen with a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. This offers a pixel density of 306 ppi on a 4.8-inch diagonal. While its not the maximum we have witnessed on a smartphone, the sharpness, color vividness, contrast, and viewing angle definitely surpass almost all previous devices." " 

The Camera: "The Galaxy S II set a high bar for smartphone camera performance, but the Galaxy S III has beaten it. Image quality on this phone is simply excellent. Full-resolution pictures look sharp and detailed." "The Galaxy S III exposes images in accordance with what it thinks you’re trying to shoot — it usually guesses correctly, though I’d have preferred the tap-to-focus function to also force the camera to expose specifically for the spot I’m focusing on — which can result in overly dark or bright areas in images with a wide range of brightness." "The Galaxy S II took fantastic photos, and we’re happy to report that the Galaxy S III does likewise. In fact, we’d say that the Galaxy S III takes photos that are almost as good as the iPhone 4S, and certainly better than the HTC One X." "Although the rear-facing camera is technically identical to the one on its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, the camera application has had many alterations and, in the end, the Galaxy S III creates evidently better images and especially better videos that can be recorded in Full HD resolution." 

The Battery Life: "Its vast 4.8-inch display and superpowered quad-core processor do make full use of the energy available. Under intensive use, the Galaxy S III lasted a solid seven hours before flashing up a low battery alert." "Predictably, battery drain was at its fastest when the self-illuminating AMOLED display was turned on." "Not suprisingly, the Galaxy S III has above-average battery life thanks to its huge battery. It’s a bit worse than the One X, but certainly much better than your average high-end smartphone. With moderate use, expect to make it through a full day, plus a bit extra on the second day. With heavy use, you’ll barely get through one day." 

Performance: "After the display, the second most impressive feature of the Samsung Galaxy S III is its speed, which Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad core processor is credited for, along with the Mali-400M graphic processor. Unlike the Tegra 3, which NVIDIA optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich, the slightly newer Exynos 4 Quad has been optimized for HD displays, large batteries and the TouchWiz UI that craves power." "The Galaxy S III is almost miraculously fast. While the quad-core HTC One X is just as fast, as is the dual-core HTC One S, there are situations when these device start glitching and 'choking' (scrolling and zooming in on Flash-heavy web sites). This is not the case with Samsung's latest flagship model." "The web browsing experience of the Galaxy S III is a high point. Pages load quickly, navigation is buttery-smooth, and you can even pinch to access your tabs."

S-voice: "Yes, it’s a clone of Siri, but sadly, it’s not as good as Siri. It’s inaccurate. It often gets what you say wrong, requiring you to repeat yourself. Sometimes, S-Voice will ask a question, but it won’t be “listening”, requiring you to hit the microphone button again." "Unlike Apple's friendlier-named voice assistant, Samsung's comes with local information for the UK, enabling the app to give you directions and recommend restaurants." "While it managed to answer the majority of our questions, S Voice is lacking the humour of Apple's Siri app. When we asked it, "what is your name?" we weren't met with a sarcastic response like from Siri - we were met with the response, "I'm not sure what you mean by what is your name". It's not a difficult question, S Voice."

I'd say that a safe conclusion to make based off my research is that this new Samsung Model was not necessarily worth all the hype that it created, but, it is the best Andriod phone currently out there. With each model it is important to improve and listen to what your users want in their phone and Samsung has certainly done this. A wider screen, an easy grip, and a long lasting battery life are three items all users look for and with this new phone, these items have just gotten better, amongst others. I'd say that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a work in progress as are all other phones. Samsung is moving in the right direction and as times. Heads up; At the end of the month, this phone will be available by five carriers in the U.S., if you are interested.