Now let's look at, 'Good,' and what parameters need to be met for your device to qualify.

Condition: Good
So you've had your Apple iOS or Android device for a while, chances are it's been dropped, jolted, torqued, splashed, thrown, stepped on, kicked, run over, and/or otherwise abused by the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. That's OK. In fact, at, that's Good...condition that is.

For your Apple or Galaxy tablet or smartphone to qualify as 'Good' it has to be fully functional, and bereft of any structural damage to the frame or screen. The LCD mustn't distort. Tangible scratches (scratches you can feel) must be kept to a minimum. The frame cannot be bent, and for all of you who always keep your device in your back pocket, understand there's a good possibility it's bent. I'm looking at you iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S owners. And all the buttons must work as usual. 

Devices in Good condition don't need to look like new, they just need to act like a single woman over the age of 35 or a bald man.

Hope you enjoyed part 3 of our 5-part series on condition. Stay tuned for our next spellbinding installment: Fair