How Assesses the Condition of Your Device

Part One: Brand New

At, providing you, our valued customer, with the best possible experience is our number one goal, and we work hard every day to do just that. Every year, we deal with tens of thousands of buyers and sellers and each and every one is important to us. It's why enjoys a 99% overall customer satisfaction rating and full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and a perfect 10 out of 10 ranking with*

While we strive to ensure that every customer has an enjoyable and effortless experience, customer issues can and do occur. Most commonly, this is due to disagreements about a devices' condition. The customer believes the device is in Flawless or Excellent condition, but our technical specialists assessed it in Good or Fair condition. How do our technical specialists arrive at their conclusions?

All devices great and small, Apple or Android, undergo an industry-leading evaluation process by one of our trained technical specialists. It's what has made the most trusted name in the recommerce industry. Their work is then double-checked and approved, or adjusted as the case may be, by senior technical specialists to ensure no mistakes were made during the initial evaluation process. If our results match the condition you submitted your device in, it's approved and your payment is sent immediately. If it is not, you'll receive an email explaining why and by how much your offer has been adjusted. And no, we do not always adjust offers down. In fact, for as many offers we adjust down, there's an equal number we adjusted up, and customers receive even more than they were initially expecting. It's because at, we believe you're worth more.

Now let's get down to it and take a look a each category of condition, starting with “Brand New,” and what parameters need to be met for your device to qualify.

Condition: Brand New

So you're on to get an instant quote on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. First thing you'll do is find your device, be it an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Galaxy S series, Tab or Note, Google Nexus, Kindle, whatever. After answering some preliminary questions regarding carrier, capacity, and functionality you'll be prompted by the following: “What Condition is Your Device in?”

The first option is 'Brand New' and, as one might expect, the condition that warrants the highest offer price. That is, of course, if your device meets that criteria. So before you select 'Brand New' answer the following questions: 

1. Have you opened the box and removed the device from it factory original plastic packaging?

2. Have you activated and used the device even if for a short while with the dust cover still on?

3. Did you remove the device or any of its accessories from their original packaging?

4. Do you drive a 1985 Buick Century that you swear, “drives like new?”

If you answered, Yes, to any of those questions, your device will most likely not be considered New. Now some carriers will automatically activate your device for you, even before you open the box, and if that's the case, your device will still be considered New, unless, of course, you open the box and remove the phone from its original packaging.

Of all the conditions a customer can submit their device in, 'Brand New,' is the one we are the most strict about, because we treat all our customers, buyers and sellers alike, fairly and equitably. One of the ways we achieve this is by representing our products as accurately as possible. So if you've got a new iPhone 6 Plus that you opened, activated, and used, even if for a short while with the dust cover still on, we cannot resell it as new, because it isn't. For example, if you bought a steak at a restaurant, and took a bite out of it, no matter how small, you can return it to the kitchen, but the kitchen can't turn around and serve it to another customer. If you knew they did, you probably wouldn't go back, and the thing is, at, we want you to come back. So when you buy a new device from us, you can rest assured it is.

Hope you enjoyed our first part of our 5-part series on condition. Stay tuned for our next exciting installment: Flawless/Excellent

* In the interests of full disclosure, our rating on is actually 9.95 out of 10. Since it's just  five one-hundredths of a percentage point, we felt it was safe to round up because after all, pobody's nerfect, and if you Google, “ customer satisfaction,” the search result for clearly shows a 5-star 10/10 rating based off over 500 reviews, so if they get to round up why can't we?