If you’ve purchased a used MacBook that didn’t come with a charger, you’ve probably quickly discovered that MacBook chargers are not one-size fits all. Just because you and your friend both have MacBook Airs, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to share power cords.

There are 4 different types of MacBook power adaptors:

1.     USB-C

2.     MagSafe 2

3.     MagSafe “L” Shaped

4.     MagSafe “T” Shaped

And within each type of power adaptor there are different wattages that your laptop may need—it can all get quite confusing! So let’s explore... How do you know which MacBook charger you need? 

Which MacBook Do I Have?

The type of power adaptor you need for your MacBook depends on multiple factors: model, screen size, and year. So how do you find out exactly which MacBook you have?

On the menu bar (the bar that runs along the top of your screen) click on the apple icon and select the first option that appears, About This Mac, a box will pop up that looks like this:

Directly below the OS version, you’ll see all the information you need to figure out which MacBook charger you’ll need; Model/Size/Year.

Which Charger Do I Need?

Now that you know which MacBook model you have, it’s time to find out which charger is the perfect match for your laptop. The easiest way figure it out is to hop onto this Apple Support page: Find the Right Power Adapter and Cord for your Mac Notebook

Copy your MacBook model… in this case we would copy MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009), then on the Apple support page linked above, use the Find feature by clicking ⌘F and pasting the information into the search box.

Tip: If it doesn’t find your laptop on the webpage, remove the comma between the screen size and year.

Ta-Da!! You’ve found your MacBook charger, congratulations!

Selling Your Old MacBook?

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