We can all get a little clumsy with our electronics, especially we're looking to trade in an iPhone or get cash for our phone. This dilemma can leave us debating whether purchasing an extended warranty is a smart idea, or wasted money.

Most new devices come with some sort of warranty, in the case of Apple it’s the Apple Limited Warranty. If you want an extended warranty and additional coverage that the complimentary warranty does not include (like accidental damage) Apple offers AppleCare+ for an extra price. So is it worth it? Let’s compare…

Apple Limited Warranty

Price: FREE

Hardware Coverage: 1 year

Phone Support: 90 days

This limited warranty from Apple includes any defects with the product, although we all know that problems typically arise after the warranty expires. What it doesn’t cover is accidental damage, say you drop your phone in the water the day you get it—not covered. Drop your phone and the screen shatters after a month? Also not covered. That’s where AppleCare+ steps in to take over.



●      Mac: $99-$349

●      iPhone: $99-$129

●      iPad: $99

●      iPod: $59

●      Apple Watch: From $59-$69 (assuming you’re not buying the Edition)

Hardware Coverage:

●      Mac: 3 years

●      iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch: 2 years

Phone Support:

●      Mac: 3 years

●      iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch: 2 years

When you purchase AppleCare+ each aspect of the warranty is extended, plus on the phone, tablet, and watch (not computer) you also get coverage for 2 accidental damages (for a small fee).

We should note that this doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, here’s what the AppleCare+ warranty states:

[Accidental Damage from Handling] coverage only applies to an operational or mechanical failure caused by an accident from handling that is the result of an unexpected and unintentional external event (e.g. drops and damage caused by liquid contact other than as a result of defect in material or workmanship) that arises from your normal daily usage...”

The coverage of 2 accidental damages is perfect for those of us that are prone to dropping our phones, even with the small feel it’s still cheaper than the purchase of a new phone! The price of each repair or replacement is subject to a small fee between $29-99 depending on your device—the newest iPhone model being the most expensive.

Let’s examine the price for an iPhone 6s…


AppleCare+ will cost $129 upfront. If you use the accidental damage coverage 2x it will cost you $180. So that’s $309, which is still half the price of buying one new phone… it’s something to consider.

AppleCare+ isn’t for everyone, it’s up to you to decide whether the additional coverage is worth the extra price or not.