We all love our smartphone, but sometimes they can be crazy frustrating, right? Apps crash, your phone shuts down unexpectedly… sometimes things just don’t work how they should! But does that mean you should call it quits and get a new phone? In some cases, maybe selling off your old phone is the smarter option, but in many cases these problems are fixable.

Let’s talk about a few of the most common smartphone problems and how to solve them!

Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them

Problem: The entire phone is acting up and shutting down unexpectedly.

If multiple apps are having issues, it can be hard to figure out the exact cause of the problem. Sometimes, when new updates are released or if you’ve just gotten a new phone, bugs are common—developers may still be working out some of the kinks!


To help remedy this problem, start by making sure the software and all your apps are up to date. After you’ve done this, try turning your phone off and back on again. It sounds simple, but restarting your phone can help to clear the short-term memory and rid your phone of those little problems.

If you’ve taken the above steps and are still experiencing the same things, it’s time to reach out to your phone’s manufacturer.

Problem: One app keeps quitting or causing your phone to crash.

If you’re just having issues with one app, good news, there’s nothing wrong with your phone! Apps have issues all the time, sometimes they’re widespread and affect everyone using it, other times they just affect a few people.


If your phone has the option, first try clearing the cache for the problem app. This will rid your phone of any extra data the app has saved that’s not necessary. If that doesn’t help, or if you don’t have that options on your phone, it’s time to delete and reinstall!

If the issue keeps occurring after reinstalling, contact the developer and let them know what’s going on, it’s likely an issue that others are having as well!

Problem: Your smartphone screen is frozen.

This can be super-frustrating. You’re using your phone as usual and suddenly nothing works! You can’t go back, the home button does absolutely nothing… what the heck should you do?!


Force it to shut down! Even if everything else is unresponsive, you should still be able to force your phone to shut down and restart it by holding down the power button until the screen goes black.

If that doesn’t work, try holding down the home and power button at the same time and that should do the trick!

Problem: Everything is just SLOW on your phone!

We’ve covered this in a past blog, there are many issues that can cause your phone to slow down: too much software, memory bloat, and excessive caching are the big ones.

But one issue with a not-so-easy fix is simply your smartphone’s age. As your phone gets older, it can have a hard time keeping up with newer software and apps!


If age is what’s slowing your phone down, it might be time to sell it and move on to something newer! Smartphones aren’t designed to last forever—it stinks, but it’s true.

Check out how much your old phone is worth, and start shopping for your new dream phone!