Personally, I do not think that Apple is fading away as many of the pundits say they are. Others feel that they need to come out with a new product with revolutionizing technology to make a statement and gain their market share. Will the iTV be this technology that brings them way ahead in the game? Will it be what brings the "wow" factor back to Apple? Personally out of all the items that have been discussed in regards to Apple TV I think the coolest part is the incorporation of the iRing and how that will increase the mobility of the product. If you think of the WII remotes in some ways this is like a compact version of that all in a ring. The way you move your finger is how you will navigate through the screen... what cool technology. That's a type of gadget i would buy just to say I have. There have also been reports that the iWatch will also be incorporated into the mobility of the iTV. We will have to wait and see what Apple does with this technology and how this changes their position in the marketplace. I wonder... Apple brought their first smartphone into the market and revolutionized the smartphone world. Their experience in this was much less than companies like Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, amongst others. Will this be the same for TVs? Will iTV really give Sony and Samsung a run for their money?