Apple Byte: The Real Skinny on Apple's iWatch (from


Would you buy an iWatch? Who would be the consumers for a product like this? People who workout at the gym and don't want to carry an iPod? Would it be a phone as well? Is it something that would just be cool to have, thus creating a demand? I do not get it personally. I am excited for Apple TV. I would also love if our phones could have the technology included in movies like Iron Man. How cool would it be to be browsing the internet for your next vacation destination and being able to see appear in 3D for you to observe? Apple says the iWatch will have the same iOS as the other products have but how will it be different? Will people be prefering an iWatch instead of a Rolex or a Cartier? Will they have special apps only for the watch? Will people be willing to buy the watch just for the special apps? I really miss Steve Jobs. I was concerned about Apple's direction ever since they got rid of Google Maps from the new iOS. Oh yeah, and after they realized that they made a boo boo, they posted up 6 jobs to find engineers who would be working on improving the maps. Google has many more than six people working on Google Maps, hence why they are so amazing. Have you ever tried using the Apple Maps to find your way around the New York City subways? Not pretty! Will the iWatch be a bold statement from Apple to differentiate themselves from the competitors? I love my iPhone and I would not change my product, but for how long will the "iProducts" be the best?   What do you think?