On the cutting edge horizon of consumer electronics, the Galaxy Note 3 has finally made its debut into the hands of anyone that prefers the more conventional stylus note-jotting than touchscreen text input.  The heart of this beast sports a ludicrously fast 2.3ghz quad-core processor and a whopping 3gb of RAM encased inside a  5.5 inch display at a native 1080p full HD resolution.  Not only does the new hardware blow away its predecessors, but the phablet is also running the current latest versions of the Android  --   4.3 Jellybean.  Additionally, it a features a faux-leather stitched back which gives it extra points in the fashion department.  It seems the only caveat so far would be its insanely high price of around $950 for the unlocked version, but you can take the sting out a bit by signing a 2-year contract which drops you down to $299.  With its powers combined, this device is sure to be both a head-turner and a wallet-drainer this fall.