If you’re a college student, chances are your smartphone is like an extension of you, and more than likely, it’s more of a distraction than a learning tool—anything is more fun that studying, but there are so many great apps out there that can make college life easier.

Whether you need help organizing your hectic schedule, staying on top of all your assignments, or need writing your papers, there’s an app out there for you!



Need help keeping track of due dates? Wunderlist is the tool for you! With a smartphone app and desktop version you’ll be set no matter which device you’re on. Got a group project? No problem, Wunderlist lets you share and assign tasks, split each item into subtasks, chat and exchange files in right in the app. We’d call Wunderlist wunder-ful!



The most annoying part of writing papers… the bibliography, but RefME is trying to change that! Use the app to scan book barcodes and automatically create citations in over 7,500 styles (how are there that many?!) including APA, MLA, or AMA style. RefME even understands that most students hate the library and do 99% of their research online, which is why you can simply copy and a URL and BAM, you’ve got yourself a beautiful citation! RefME even has an easy to use website that allows you to collaborate with others.



The dictionary, something probably almost every student has used at one point, whether on the phone or desktop, or the good ol’ printed dictionary (Anyone? No? Okay.), but the real MVP is the thesaurus feature. How many times have you written a paper and realized you used the same word way too many times? Do a simple thesaurus search to find synonyms and replace some of those repetitive words. Or, just make yourself sound like a genius by searching for synonyms that just sound smarter… “astonishing” just sounds so much better than “awesome,” am I right?



Never get a math problem wrong again… this app might almost be too helpful. Simply enter in your math equation and the app with help walk you through it, but user beware… if you’re just copy down the answers, you’re setting yourself up for a big fat F on your next exam!



Low on cash when your friend split the bill for that pizza? No need to run to the bank, Venmo is here to help! Link Venmo to your bank account and send money to your friends instantly, with no fees (3% fee on some credit and debit cards, but no fee for linked checking accounts).



Are you still getting use to living on your own and managing your own finances? Mint is a great way to keep track of everything! Link your bank accounts, and credit cards to you Mint account, set budgets and track your income and spending all in one place. You’ll even get warning when you’re spending more than you should!

Now, stop distracting yourself from your school work and go forth and conquer that homework with these smartphone apps! Or, if you’re not feeling the homework, we’re not one to stop you… learn how to make your phone battery last from your early morning class all the way through that late night study-sesh!