Packaging large displays can get tricky without its retail box; they are heavy, fragile, and bulky. As such, inadequate packaging of your display increases the likelihood of damage during shipping.

If you already own the original retail box that has the original foam inserts, we highly encourage its use. If you do not own one, here are some helpful recommendations to ensure your display arrives to us safe:


  • Box type: Only use either a double-wall or triple-wall box.
  • Box size: We recommend purchasing a box big enough to where there is at least 3-4 inches of clearance between the display and the inner walls of the box.
  • Packing materials: Use a combination of thick bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Thick Kraft paper or foam planks can also be added for extra protection.

Packaging process:

  1. Only use either a double-wall or triple-wall box.
  2. Using thick bubble wrap, wrap around the display, passing over the screen and back twice. Tape over the bubble wrap to secure it in place.
  3. Double wrap all corners of the display, edges, and stand with a thick layer of bubble wrap. Use tape to secure the bubble wrap in place. (The corners of the display and the stand are most prone to damage, as such, additional padding and cushioning is needed).
  4. Place display in the center of the box.
  5. Wrap accessories in thick bubble wrap and place inside the box.
  6. Fill empty spaces with packing peanuts. For added protection, thick Kraft paper can also be used to fill empty gaps.
  7. Shake test - Ensure the display is tightly packed inside the box. To test this, lift the box and shake it (have someone help you). In case of any signs of movement, add more packing peanuts and Kraft paper and re-attempt the shake test until satisfied.
  8. Securely tape the box.
  9. Affix a prepaid shipping label and drop off to the shipping carrier's location.


  • Use an overly tight-fitting box that leaves the stand, screen, and corners vulnerable to damage.
  • Use a single-wall box.
  • Use insufficient packaging.
  • Loosely throw in accessories.

** If you use a FedEx or UPS store to package your display, we recommend reviewing their packaging job before shipping as we've seen damaged devices. Filing claims impacts our claim rate and we will not file a claim if the item arrives damaged and our instructions were not followed.

Where to source packing supplies?

  • Used retail boxes are available for purchase on eBay
  • FedEx locations
  • Walmart or any other office supply stores

Alternatively, if shipping an iMac, you can buy one of these boxes below: