Greener through Technology:

One of the main reasons my boss started this business was because he felt that there was something better to do than to just keep your older gadgets in a bottom desk drawer or throwing them away and waiting thousands of year for it to decay. In this day and age everyone needs technology to keep up, whether it be to do homework or to prepare for a meeting the next day. 

In one household, there can be multiple phones and multiple computers. When a new model comes out, those who can afford to purchase it, do. What we recognized is that there is someone out there who may not be able to purchase the new items, but may want a smartphone or a tablet and can only afford one that was once in someone else’s hands.  At, we take it from your hands and give it to someone else who will really appreciates it at a fair price.

Technology provides us with many ways to keep green, below are some tips for you to stay within this trend:

1) Go Paperless: Whether it be to write down your grocery list or notes for a presentation you have the next morning, write it down in your smart phone. This way the list will always stay with you. Instead of carrying a planner around with all your appointments, keep track of everything on your tablet or phone. Whether it be dinner reservations or your next meeting with your boss.

You also have the ability to pay your bills online and loose the paper trail. You can receive information in regards to your bill via email and setup reminder to pay them and/or have the funds taken directly from your account or charged to your credit card.

Instead of purchasing plane tickets and receiving a boarding pass at the plane, buy your tickets online and check in before you to get to the airport. You can have your barcode on your phone for the attendant to scan in prior to you boarding the plane. You can also request to get coupons on your phone, which then be used in stores. This way you don’t have to worry about making sure you brought your coupons with you when you get to the mall.

If there are group projects at school or at work you can use items such as DropBox, Google Drive, or Google Docs to keep everyone on the same page and share all information. In Google Docs you have the ability for more than one person to edit a document at the same time or work on different portions of it at the same time. How convenient is that?

2) Consume Less: The greatest thing about technology these days is that each item you purchase can be more than one thing. Your phone can be your navigation system, your camera, and a device for you to keep in contact with those you care about. If you are someone who likes to take pictures, try to find a phone that has a camera you would like instead of purchasing an additional camera. Instead of purchasing a navigational device search for a navigational app that you may be able to use as an alternative.

3) Research Before Acting: The Internet consists of a plethora of information in regards to all different types of things. If you want to help the environment research alternatives that are healthier for the environment whether it be which materials you use to eat on or which type of transport you select to go from point A to point B.

By recycling your gadgets with us, you’re helping to move our environment to a better state. Plus, you get some cash and you know you’re item is being taken well care of in someone else’s hand.