If the rumors out there are accurate, here’s what we can expect to see on the new iPhone 6.

Larger Screen
Apple is expected to release two new iPhones – both with screens larger than the current model, the iPhone 5S. The two new phones are expected to have a screen size of 4.7 inches (currently being called the iPhone 6) and 5.5 inches (currently known as the iPhone Air).

If Apple’s historical life cycle holds true, expect a complete design overhaul of the new phone. Plenty of pictures have been circulating the internet highlighting the new design. However, since these are not official pictures supplied by Apple, we cannot be certain in regards to the legitimacy of the pictures.

As is typical with the launch of newer models by Apple, expect a faster processor, potentially more RAM, upgraded WiFi and LTE, bigger battery, and a better camera. Key differentiators for the new iPhone’s seem to be the highly anticipated NFC chip, as well as a higher capacity option of 128 GB.

Currently all rumors point to an announcement date of September 9, 2014 during the Apple WWDC conference. Availability of the phone should follow soon after.

Should you upgrade?
If you are currently using the iPhone 4, than we would most definitely say yes. The iPhone 4 will not be receiving the iOS 8 update – essentially making it obsolete.

It’s not all doom and gloom for iPhone 4S users as they will be able to update to iOS 8, however, based on past experiences, expect iOS 8 to run infuriatingly slow on your phone.

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