I talk to lots of people about SmartPhones and many say that Android will take over the market eventually. Why? For one- there are more free Apps and everyone likes free things. The Android platform is much easier to work with for App developers as well. It took Apple a much longer time to get the number of Apps that are up and running in comparison to droid and google. They say that the best way to stay in the smartphone market is by lots of free apps and software being available to the public and companies using these platforms for marketing. Perhaps Droids, Microsoft, and Google will start doing this and gain market share? Let's be honest, Apple cannot compete with this strategy. Such a move would shaken their whole foundation. I would not be surprised if they would start to crumble if they chose such a strategy.

Perhaps another reason people assume Android will gain market share is that many phones are part of the Android market where as Apple has one SmartPhone  and keeps improving on the older models. Lets be honest, the wait between the models can be super frustrating. Sometimes, even after your contract has expired, you're still stuck with your old crappy phone because you anticipate the new iPhone is going to come out soon and its going to be better than the version that is out there right now... (Global SmartPhone sales are low right now with anticipation of the iPhone 5). Remember what happened prior to the iPhone 4S? Consumers thought that the new phone would come out in the summer, and then there was much delay and consumers were upset, and all that good stuff.  People enjoy variety. Androids provide that variety. But then again, one would argue that there is something special about the iPhone. There is no doubt in anyone's head that the touchscreen technology is by far the best out there. The sleekness, the simpleness when it comes to it's use, it surely has a touch of genius. 

One can argue that after having one or two iPhones though, you get over it and need to move on, perhaps to a Droid. If that is true, which Androids are currently most popular? The answer would be the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Motorola Atrix HD, and the Sony Xperia Ion. How do these four phones compare? Well first off the One X and G S III are pricier than the other two models. In terms of size, thickness, and display, they are all relatively the same. They all use different technologies with their display and are all pretty to look at. The Sony phone uses the TV technology that Sony uses and therefore looking at pictures are fun to watch. The G S III, someone can argue is the least clear from the four options. In terms of material design and camera, the Xperia takes the cake for all these features. The software is a bit behind though, perhaps that explains the lower price.  Phone quality is fairly the same for all the phones. The web browser is also the same for all of them and therefore the browsing experience is fairly the same for all of them. Adobe is a bit slower on the Xperia at times. All phones are comprable. 

If you are looking for an Android, clearly there are many options out there all of which are compareable. If you are an Apple fan that stick to your iPhone. I personally do not believe that the market is going to move towards Androids any time soon purely because of 1) brand loyalty 2) Apple always being ahead of the game. Android technology is catching up to Apple, but I honestly feel that Apple is always a little ahead. Did you hear the news about Samsung having to cough up over a billion dollas from the lawsuit with Apple? Their claims that Apple copied them couldn't stick. As a consumer, I feel that seeing that one company is copying another, it is hard for me to stay loyal or even try the products of a copycat. That's food for thought.