Do you have an old iPad just sitting around that no one uses anymore? Why not do something more productive with it, like sell it—declutter your house and get a little extra cash! The longer you hold on your old devices like iPads, the more they decrease in value (yes, even if it’s only been used, like, five times.)

Steps to Sell Your Used iPad (and Get Every Penny You Deserve)

Step 1: Back it up (if you’re getting a new iPad)

If you don’t have anything important on your iPad and definitely aren’t getting a new one anytime in the future, you can skip this step. But if you’re planning to get a new iPad and want to be able to restore all your old iPad information to your new device, then this is an important step!

The easiest way to backup your iPad (and not use up all your iCloud storage) is by plugging it into your computer and opening iTunes.

Once iTunes is open it should automatically begin to backup your device, if not, you can manually start the process and all your information will be saved for future use!

Step 2: Sign out of iCloud

Open up your settings, tap on your name, scroll down the page and click “Sign Out.” You’ll be prompted to enter your password and then hit “Turn Off.”

Step 3: Erase everything from your iPad

Head back into your settings one more time. This time, go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. You may be prompted to enter your password or passcode, after entering your information, select “Erase iPad.”

Step 4: Give it a good wipe-down

No one wants to buy a dirty iPad, so give it a good cleaning. Follow these smartphone cleaning tips (they work for iPads, too) to do it the right way and make sure you don’t damage your device.

Step 5: Gather everything that came with your iPad before you sell it

If you don’t have the box it came in or if your cat chewed through your original charging cable, that’s a-ok! But, if you have any of these things it can help up the price when you sell your old iPad!

●      Original iPad box

●      Apple charging cable

●      Apple wall adapter

●      Headphone (if unused in original packaging)

Step 6: Find the best place to sell your iPad and get the best price

There are SO MANY different places to sell a used iPad!

Option 1: Sell your iPad yourself.

You can do it yourself through sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist… but then you have to deal with buyers trying to haggle the price down. NO THANKS! After the negotiations are over, then comes it the ordeal of trying to find a time a place to meet up. Honestly, sometimes it’s just not worth it!

Option 2: Let a 3rd party retailer handle it.

There are local stores that accept used devices and you’ve also got sites like Amazon or eBay. But the problem is that often times, you’ll find hidden fees or advertised device offers that a too good to be true (and usually are). Or you’re simply offered store credit instead of the cash that you really want and need!

Option 3: Get a quote from us!

At we’ve got a super-simple process with no hidden fees and no tricks!After you get your quote we’ll provide you with a free prepaid mailing label. If your package weighs more than the label states—no worries—WE will be charged, not you! Plus, you get to choose the payment method you prefer: check or PayPal.

Get a quote for your used iPad here and start selling!