How do I identify my Microsoft Surface laptop model?

It's important to get your Surface laptop model correct prior to selling it as prices between different Surface models can very significantly.

  1. Your Surface laptop model information can be found by doing the following:
  2. Click on the "Start" button.
  3. Type out "system information".
  4. A list of results will appear, click on "System Information".
  5. Under the Item column, you will find the "System Model".
  6. You should now see the model information about your Surface in the "Value" column next to the "System Model".
What's the best way to sell a Surface laptop for cash?

It really depends. There's no one right answer. If you're an experienced seller on eBay or Craigslist, you will likely get the highest value for your Surface laptop on those platforms. However, they do require more effort from the seller, charge fees, and come with risk of fraud that novice sellers may not know how to protect themselves from.

If you share some of these concerns, we recommend using a trade-in site such as ItsWorthMore. Trade-in websites leverage their volume discounts and industry know-how to provide a smooth streamlined experience; for a slightly lower payout.

Another alternative is to trade-in your Surface laptop directly with your big-box retailers or with Microsoft. These typically offer the lowest payouts.

Some non-functional Surface laptops do not have much of a resale value and you can choose to recycle them. Recycling in an environmentally friendly manner helps keep toxic pollutants, such as lead, out of the environment. Keeping us all healthier and happier!

When’s the best time to sell my Surface laptop?

The best time to sell your Surface laptop is usually as soon as you can. Trade-in prices for Surface laptop’s rarely trend up so it's best to prepare your Surface laptop for sale as soon as you've received your replacement and transferred over all your data.

If you're looking to get the latest Surface laptop right when it's released, the best time to trade-in or lock-in an offer would be right before the announcement.