How do I identify my iMac model?

It's important to get your iMac model correct prior to selling it as prices between different models can very significantly.

We suggest you reference Apple’s very own Identifying your iMac model to assist you with finding your model information.

What are some common iMac trade in issues?

One of the most common trade in issues with iMacs tends to be damage during shipping due to poor packaging. We understand how tricky packaging iMacs can get considering their large size and fragility. Here are some tips that we’ve found work really well:

If you already own an iMac retail box that has the original foam inserts, we highly recommend using them. However, If you do not own any or threw them out, worry not.

You can also use a double-wall or triple-wall box that is large enough to where there is at least 3-4 inches of clearance between the iMac and the inner walls of the box. In addition to that, it’s important to use a combination of thick bubble wrap and packing peanuts. For extra protection, you could also add thick Kraft paper or foam planks.

Keep in mind, do not use an overly tight-fitting box, a single-wall box, insufficient packaging, or loosely throw in accessories.

After you sell your iMac at check out, we will send you an email containing a detailed step by step process on how to package your iMac to ensure that it arrives at ItsWorthMore safe and sound.

How and when will I get paid after selling my iMac to ItsWorthMore?

We offer three methods of payment - Check, PayPal or Zelle™, whichever one of the three methods you prefer.

Your payment will be sent to you after we receive and evaluate your iMac. This is typically within 72 hours of receiving your iMac but may take up to five business days. We also offer an expedited shipping option that guarantees 24 hour processing and a faster shipping method.

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