How do I identify my Apple Watch model?

It's important to get your Apple Watch model correct prior to selling it to avoid any surprises.

We suggest you reference Apple's very own identify your Apple Watch model to assist you with finding your watch's model information.

What's the best way to sell an Apple Watch for cash?

It depends. If you're an experienced seller on eBay or Craigslist, you will likely get the highest value for your Apple Watch on those platforms. However, they do require more effort from the seller, charge fees, and come with risk of fraud that novice sellers may not know how to protect themselves from.

If you share some of these concerns, we recommend using a trade-in site such as ItsWorthMore. Trade in websites leverage their volume discounts and industry know-how to provide a smooth streamlined experience; for a slightly lower payout.

Another alternative is to trade in your Apple Watch directly with your carrier or with Apple. These typically offer lowest payouts and often come in the form of a gift card. Carriers tend to run promotions at times, usually if you switch carriers. Under the right circumstances, they can result into a very high return for your device.

Some Apple Watches, particularly non-functional ones, do not have much of a resale value and you can choose to recycle them. Recycling in an environmentally friendly manner helps keep toxic pollutants, such as lead, out of the environment. Keeping us all healthier and happier!

When’s the best time to sell my Apple Watch?

The best time to sell your Apple Watch is usually now. Trade in prices for Apple Watches rarely trend up and when they do, it's a smaller dollar amount.

If you're looking to get the latest Apple Watch right when it's released, the best time to trade in or lock in an offer would be just before the announcement.

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